Charter Itineraries

Murgui Archipelago (Myanmar/Burma)


Explore one of the World’s most remote tropical cruising grounds – 800 plus islands found in the Mergui (Myeik) Archipelago in Myanmar/Burma. It is truly an unexplored paradise as isolationist policies kept foreigners out for 50 years after British rule ended in 1947, so the area has only recently been open for foreigners to explore.

Your adventure starts in the town of Kawthung, originally known as Victoria Point during British rule. It’s located at the tapered southern end of the country’s tail and is separated from Thailand by the Pak Chan River. The relaxed atmosphere will make you feel like you have stepped back in time 30 years...


Lankawi to Phuket (or visa versa)

These 5,7 and 9 day tours below are our suggested itineraries, designed to give you the best the cruising, area has to offer. They are however guides and if you wish to change the route or see other things we can of course accommodate and help you build your own personalised trip.

The starting point is Langkawi in the three different cruises below. All trips though can start in either Langkawi or Phuket, so if you want your cruise to start in Phuket just reverse the itinerary.

9-Day Charter


Departing from Telaga Marina we embark on an unforgettable adventure. In the next 9 days you’ll discover deserted beaches, ancient rainforests, lakes and jungles filled with wildlife and rare exotic beauty...

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7-Day Charter


Departing from Telaga Marina we cruise around the island of Langkawi giving us the chance to appreciate the stunning topography of the island, seeing the mountains rise up to 900 meters high...

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5-Day Charter


We leave Langkawi for the Butang Island Group, which are some of the most pristine and unspoilt islands you will ever see. There are nine islands in total, and the whole area is a marine national park...

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