Luxury Charter, Murgui Archipelago (Myanmar/Burma)

Take your friends and family on an experience of a life time, chartering your own luxury yacht, cruising the paradise islands between Phuket and Langkawi, Malaysia.

Kawthaung_entrance_MyanmarAfter arriving at Phuket airport you'll be picked up and driven to Ranong where you'll check out of Thailand, and then check into Myanmar. It's like stepping into another world and your sense will be awakened with all the new sights around you. You immediately realise this is where your adventure begins....

You are about to explore one of the World's most remote tropical cruising grounds – 800 plus islands found in the Mergui (Myeik) Archipelago in Myanmar/Burma. It is truly an unexplored paradise as isolationist policies kept foreigners out for 50 years after British rule ended in 1947, so the area has only recently been open for foreigners to explore.

Your adventure starts in the town of Kawthung, originally known as Victoria Point during British rule. It's located at the tapered southern end of the country's tail and is separated from Thailand by the Pak Chan River. The relaxed atmosphere will make you feel like you have stepped back in time 30 years.

You'll want to ask a thousand questions, and we have an official Burmese guide on board for the duration of the charter, who is not only very friendly and entertaining, but can answer all your questions as they possess in depth local knowledge, and most importantly allow you to interact with the locals you will encounter during the voyage.

There are so many islands and places we can visit, and the distances between islands are very small so there is always a beautiful view, a new pristine white sand beach or coral reef to explore. What's more each beach with be pure and natural and you'll be the only visitors – heaven! Here is a selection of a few of the islands we'll discover:

Myint Khar (Horse Shoe Island) as the name suggests is horseshoe shaped with a lagoon in the middle making it the most idyllic anchorage for Sanook. Being shallow, with crystal clear water and a white sand bottom, the whole lagoon is like a giant fish tank.


Za Det Gyi Island has a rugged underwater terrain and large tawny nurse sharks can be seen along with abundant marine life. Hlaing Gu Island (Cavern Island) has large caverns or caves on the coastline which is large enough for Sanook's RIB to get through, and very exciting to explore.

For the adventurous there are some hikes to the tops of the islands. A nature lover's utopia it's worth keeping a keen lookout for gibbons, pythons, civet cats, monitor lizards, even elephants and the mouse deer. For the avid birdwatchers Hornbills, White Kites and White-bellied sea eagles tend to circle above every island.

Kingfishers, Frigate birds, Pacific Reef Egrets, green imperial pigeons, and emerald doves are also commonly sighted. Kyunn Tann Shey (Lampi Island) is preserved as a National Park and has a vast stretch of mangroves, tidal creeks and rivers, which are perfect to explore by kayak or RIB. It truly is a paradise.

The only human inhabitants are the indigenous sea gypsies, called the Salon or; as they prefer Moken. These semi-nomadic people live a traditional life aboard their boats, and may shyly approach Sanook wishing to trade. Ma Kyone Galet Salone Village located on Bo Cho Island can be visited. It gives an interesting insight into their lifestyle and their exotic culture, surviving by fishing, gathering and selling natural marine products.


With our guide we have a chance to visit and interact with the locals. You will experience their way of life, and witness first-hand a proud and nomadic people who live a life that not many people will ever have the opportunity to experience. In our lifetimes, there will never be hotels, airports or tourist destinations to these remote island, so experiencing it on Sanook will be the only way to discover it.

You'll see crystal clear streams trickle onto stunning white sand beaches. The streams are used by the local fisherman and Mokens to replenish their fresh water supplies.

Local fishermen are thrilled to see us, and will waive their arms and with huge infectious smiles when we pass. We will barter with them for the freshest seafood, such as seabass, skate, lobster and tuna. Your chef will then prepare them for your enjoyment.


The experiences and memories you and your family will have on this trip into a completely different world, will remain with you forever. It's a chance to see a world that might be gone in 10 years.

Whilst discovering the Mergui Archipelago you'll also enjoy all the luxuries and first-class service on-board Sanook. You'll have the chance to snorkel in pristine seas, and relax on the purest beaches that become 'your own'. Enjoy a mini adventure using the canoes, jet ski or the yachts rib exploring an inland waterway, or mangrove system full of wildlife.


At the end of the trip you'll have 'slowed' down and your body will have experienced a level of true relaxation rarely offered in our normal lives. You'll have eaten and enjoyed wonderful lunches and dinners. You'll have had unique experiences, and enjoyed water sports galore. You'll have laughed and shared experiences with your fellow guests and locals alike. Your children will have experienced a year's worth of life's lessons and experiences in a week! And, had great fun doing it!


The charter experience allows you to spend uninterrupted quality time with your friends and family, which is one reason why once you have had one private charter experience, you'll become 'hooked'. We can't wait to show you this beautiful area of the world. We all look forwards to welcoming you on-board Sanook.

The best time to visit the archipelago is from December to the beginning of April with warm, sunny conditions.

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